Naturist Holidays in Spain & The Canaries

FAQs | It’s Natural

Which do I book first, flights or accommodation?

Once you have sourced your flights, make reservation for your accommodation. We will confirm availability and wait to hear from you or at least 24 hours, before taking payment. This allows you to book flights or make other transport arrangements. If there is less than 8 weeks to go, we may mark your reservation as “No Cancellation”, but we will still wait to hear from you before we take any payment.

Why book with us?

Our holidays are aimed at those who prefer the flexibility of independent travel to package holidays. Our clients tell us that they book with us because of the personal service, which they receive. We make all arrangements easy and can help you find the best deals on flights, car hire and insurance, which you are free to book from any provider. Best of all though, our accommodation is set in a naturist environment.

What is your changeover day?

There are no changeover days! You may arrive and leave on any day of the week and for any duration. Note: Our minimum rental period is 7 nights.

What time can I arrive?

Between 16.00 and 21.00, other times by arrangement.

What time must I leave?

Check out time is 10am for all accommodation unless prior arrangement is made. To stay beyond that time please book an extra nights rental.

Is nudity compulsory anywhere?

Nudity is normally compulsory in saunas pools and sunbathing areas only.

Is clothing compulsory anywhere?

Resorts have their own individual rules. Some restaurants insist on clothing and some resorts insist that clothes are worn in certain places or at certain times. Please check either before you book if you are at all concerned.

Do you offer ‘Swinging’ or ‘Lifestyle’ holidays?

No. The resorts offer family orientated naturism and therefore overt sexual behaviour in public areas is not considered to be either polite or appropriate. What people do in their own privacy is up to them. But if you are specifically looking for activities of a sexual nature you will be disappointed.

Can we walk to the beach without clothes on?

This depends on the individual resort, it’s location and proximity to the beach.

Do we need a car?

A car is advisable for visiting remote areas. Check the individual resort

Do I need to speak the language?

All our clients have a local personal contact (English speaking) for their holiday rental period. They will be on call to ensure that should any problem arise, during their stay, so that they may offer assistance.

Will my mobile phone work whilst in Spain?

Most mobile phones will work in Spain but you may need to ask your network service provider to set up “international roaming” before you travel. Contact your service provider for details.

Is Spanish tap water safe to drink?

Yes it is safe but often unpleasant. We recommend all clients purchase bottled water to drink, which is very cheap and available in all supermarkets. Spanish tap water may be safe to drink, but is usually heavily laden with chemicals and can cause upset stomachs.

What time are shops open in Spain?

As a general guide, smaller shops open from around 10am to 1pm and then from around 5pm to 9pm. Some of the larger supermarkets will stay open throughout the day but most will close on Sundays and national holidays.